The Company

Based in Bristol, UK, B2SPACE was founded in 2016. Our purpose is to provide a reliable, flexible and low cost access to Low Earth Orbit for small and micro satellites, democratize space access and facilitate the development of new technologies and uses of space.


   Today, there are no companies that customize the small satellite market launching needs : small satellites are launched as secondary payloads on large rockets. Therefore, small satellites users and manufacturers have to face many restrictions:


                -They can’t pick the orbit, they go wherever the main satellite goes.


                -They can’t “look dangerous” to the main satellite, imposing design constraints.


                -They can’t control the schedule, having to adapt to main payload launch windows.

Improving the current rocket launching technology to provide affordable access to space for

the small satellite market

Leading a disruption for the access to space, to allow the development of new Earth orbit technologies and uses.

Commitment to the environment.

Democratizing access to the space.

Leading a technological change.

Creating a company based on fair employment opportunities.

Innovating, researching and developing feasible “Rockoon” technology, to provide a reliable, low cost and improved space

launching system.

The Project

How we are doing it?

   We are developing a High Altitude launching system, a stratospheric balloon will lift a self operative platform from where to deploy the launcher. Saving cost by skipping the highest density part of the atmosphere and gaining altitude up to 35 km, smaller and cheaper rocket will deliver the payload into the required orbits. Based on existing technology, improved and adapted to maximize performance and provide affordable access to space.

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