During the UK Space Conference 2023 held at the International Conference Centre in Belfast from November 21st to 23rd, B2Space showcased its leadership in high altitude pseudo satellites and near space testing. The event, full of exhibitors and plenary sessions, drew in numerous space enthusiasts, industry leaders, and representatives from several organisations.

B2Space leveraged its position as an industry leader to exhibit and network at the conference, presenting a focal point of innovation and expertise in near-space testing at their stand. Engaging with visitors, they highlighted how near-space testing significantly enhances satellite functionality, durability, and operational efficiency.

Beyond showcasing their current advancements, B2Space utilised the conference as a platform for potential future collaborations. Engaging with industry peers and potential partners, the company emphasised the key role of near-space testing in satellite deployment and the optimisation of space missions.

B2Space participated in the Launch UK Industry Group (LIG) Member’s meeting, a quarterly meeting that provides updates on the UK’s launch industry. The session involved key players such as the UK Space Agency (UKSA), multiple launchers, spaceport members, logistical providers, and various service providers, including those focused on safety, legalities, environmental concerns, and insurance. This meeting offered valuable insights into the current state of the UK launch landscape.

Valentin Canales, B2Space Co-founder and Josef Aschbacher, ESA Director General

Figure 1. Valentin Canales, B2Space Co-founder and Josef Aschbacher, ESA Director General

Creating collaborations 

Throughout the event, B2Space actively engaged with attendees, creating connections, and generating significant interest in its innovative initiatives. Representatives from different organisations, including the European Space Agency Director General Josef Aschbacher, visited the B2Space stand to talk about different collaboration opportunities for our HABs.

We have received promising interest across a diverse range of companies, opening doors to potential collaborations for balloon launches. We connected with prospective clients, including newly announced spaceports in the Middle East. At least two new commercial projects are raised with launches in 2024 for microgravity testing from our High-Altitude Balloon (HAB) and more prospects for HAPS missions.

Inspiring the Next Generation

Another One of the highlights from B2Space’s presence at the conference was the interaction with aspiring space enthusiasts and future leaders in the field. Engaging with students from various universities, including from the SPINtern program, B2Space created enthusiasm and interest in its BlueJay program. These interactions opened doors for potential collaborations, inspiring the next generation of innovators and strengthening B2Space’s dedication to supporting talent and building educational partnerships. 

Our 2023 SPINterns gave presentations about their internship at the SPIN Showcase Poster session, showing their academic poster and giving a talk on their placement, demonstrating their achievements throughout their internship at B2Space.  

The Space Placements in Industry (SPIN) scheme offers summer placement opportunities to UK university students interested in pursuing careers within the space sector. It serves as a bridge between enthusiastic and skilled students and space industry organisations, aiming to match the brightest talents with businesses for mutual success and advancement in the field.

Valentin Canales, B2Space Co-founder and Josef Aschbacher, ESA Director General

Figure 2 Pictured from left to right: Valentin Canales (B2Space Co-founder), Thomas Madeley (2023 SPINtern from Univeristy of Manchester), Andy Quinn (B2Space Safety & Regulation Director) and Stefania Miller (B2Space Marketing Specialist).

Valentin Canales, B2Space Co-founder and Josef Aschbacher, ESA Director General

Figure 3 Valentin Canales, B2Space Co-founder, and Owen Hayden-Joiner, 2023 SPINtern from the University of Glasgow.