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We are engaging with universities worldwide to launch an international project that will provide students with unique opportunities to learn, develop their skills,  fly and test their experiments in the edge of Space.

The objective of the program is that, through a semester of the academic year, the students will work towards:

– Designing a CubeSat to perform a mission of their choice (earth observation, environment control, communications…)

– Build the satellite and perform ground tests of the equipment.

 Fly their CubeSat to the edge of Space, in a Stratospheric flight at around 30 km of altitude performed by B2Space, in a special event with international teams from 10 countries

Benefits for Students

“Fly you CubeSat” program provides students with a unique and exciting experience

Fly their experiment to the Edge of SPACE

Students will perform a flight mission that will make them feel like in NASA or ESA , sharing an experience with teams from 10 different countries, and could be one of their greatest experiences in their education

Engagement on an exciting “hands –on” project

Design, build and test their own project from End to End is an enriching and fulfilling experience, that will keep them motivated and engaged throughout the academic year

Develop technical and management skills

Through a multi-functional team approach, the students will gain valuable and useful knowledge for their careers, making them standout and increase their employability

Benefits to universities

This program is a low-cost and high impact activity, that will improve the university positioning and help  attract more students, funding, sponsors and collaborations. We have different packages to adapt to your needs

Attract more students showing exciting university projects & impress parents through strong technical projects supported by industry

Exclusive international project, only 2 universities per country from each of the 10 participating countries

Very impressive images can be obtained in the stratospheric flights (logos can be photographed in the edge of space), which are a perfect material to promote the university in all media

We provide mentorship and guidance to design, build and test their Cubesat.

Fly the student’s project on a stratospheric flight, performing a mission simulation, in an event with other international teams.

At the end of the project, the university will keep the CubeSat and all data, and will be provided with exciting images of the CubeSat at the edge of Space

Universities that have enjoyed the program

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