Taking your business to Space

We provide a reliable, flexible and low cost access to Low Earth Orbit for small and micro satellites.

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Our project, your solution

The B2Space satellite launch solution is based on the “rockoon” concept (rocket + balloon), and will comprise of a stratospheric balloon, which will lift a self-operative platform from which the launcher is deployed. A three stages solid propellant rocket will deliver the satellites into the required customer orbits (Within Low Earth Orbits [LEO] ), which are orbits with altitudes ranging from 200km to 1000 km, approximately).

Satellite market

The manufacture and launch of small satellites is growing exponentially and so fast that the launching market is not ready for them.

B2Space will be capable to dedicate individual launches to small satellites or provide launching capacity for a group of nano or cube satellites, satisfying the main needs of all this market focus.

Space access is the bigest bottleneck for satellites

Large satellites > 1000 Kg (example: Radarsat-2)

Medium satellites 500 – 1000 kg (example: Cassiope)

Small satellites 350 – 100 Kg (example: Scisat)

Micro satellites 100 – 10 Kg (example: M3msat)

Nano satellites 10 – 1 Kg (example: Ex-Alta 1)

B2Space launch up 200 Kg

 A solution to this high demand

Today, there are no companies that customize the small and micro satellite market launching needs; these satellites are launched as secondary payloads on large rockets, therefore, small and micro satellites users and manufactures have to face many restrictions.

B2Space, with the Colibri Programme, has an effective, economic and more respectful with the environment solution in relation to the current launches for this market.

No volume constrains for payload (up 150kg)

Low launching cost

No design constraints for satellites

A customized launching service

Orbit select (within LEO)

Flexible Schedule selection

Reduction on propellant consumption