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We provide Near Space operations & High Altitude Platform Systems opetarions.

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Our project, your solution

At the ESA Business Incubation Centre Harwell, UK, B2Space developed a Near Space Testing service :  a “flying lab” based on stratospheric balloons to test Space technologies. We took advantage of the work done for our launch system to develop another revenue stream using common technologies.

Besides, based on the Near Space testing service and balloon capabilities developed, we are adapting our stratospheric balloon platforms to perform different HAPS missions.

Near Space Testing


To allow small satellite manufacturers, sub-systems manufacturers and R&D projects to test, qualify and validate its components in a more cost-effective way, while performing an in-flight demonstration or proof of concepts.


The stratosphere presents extreme conditions very similar to in orbit ones: Near vacuum conditions, big temperature gradients and high radiation levels.


Speed up development cycles and reduce cost.

Cruise Altitudes from 18 to 40 km

Availability to launch from multiple locations

Real time telemetry and images available on demand

Support preparing bespokemission profiles

Standard interfaces to ease payload integration

High Altitude Platform System

There are many potential applications of HAPS, mainly derived from the communications and remote sensing capabilities, among them we find:

4G/5G coverage in remote areas

Emergency communications (disasters)

Eliminate communication «dark areas» in matitime and airplanes routes

Environment control

Smart agriculture