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B2Space services provide clients with high quality, technical expertise within the emerging commercial space industry

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About us

Our capability includes supporting space launch vehicle operators, spaceports/launch site operators and range operators in achieving a launch license. We have also worked on previous studies for the UKSA and UKCAA and are currently part of ongoing UKSA-funded studies as part of spaceport consortia in Wales and Shetlands.

Our expertise ranges from Safety Management/Safety Engineering, Regulatory/Legislation licensing aspects, through to Project Management and other technical services such as trajectory modelling etc. We will be expanding our services as we grow the business in conjunction with the main B2Space launcher and other services.

The B2Space services ethos is based on providing expert advice and solutions in this emerging and very novel UK launch industry.

As part of these activities, we have developed robust and secure communications links between our systems, to avoid that our launch vehicles , satellites and ground stations are attacked.

Working with world leaders on cybersecurity, B2Space has develop safe communications technologies for its systems, and created a unique product specifically designed for the Internet of Things.


Consulting services

Developing Space Launch Secondary Legislation and Guidance Material

Appropriate for LSOs and LSPs to follow such as Performance and Risk Based requirements and tools and techniques that would be acceptable for obtaining a launch license.

Regulatory Compliance for Launch Service Operators/Launch Service Providers
We work with you in providing your evidence that would meet the Regulations; to meeting Government’s requirements.
Spaceport Safety Management & Explosive Siting Analysis
In terms of launch and ground safety, it is imperative that accurate safety distances are calculated in order to protect the uninvolved public AND launch site personnel.
Space vehicle Systems Safety Engineering, Management & Planning
The Launch UK space race is on and vehicles and engines are in development, manufacture and testing. It is imperative to engage with a space safety expert as soon a possible so that design decisions can be made in good time.
Independent Safety Advice/Audits

B2-Space Consulting can provide Independent Safety Advice for your spaceport, launcher or range.

Safety Case & Safety Assessment for Launch License applications

We have been providing effective safety cases to the military and space clients for over a decade and combined with expert space knowledge, can provide an effective and compelling safety case for your License application or underpins your safety case.

Space Requirements Capture
At the beginning of a project it is imperative to identify the high-level , legislative or operating requirements. If you have already established your Requirements Set, are they complete? We can also provide an Independent Assessment of your requirements.
Operations Management
B2Space consultants can provide space companies expertise throughout the whole value chain of their products and services. From support to Design, Optimise and Develop an efficient Supply Chain, to implement robust industrial best practices to improve both Product and Process Quality.
Project Management

Cybersecurity Solutions

It is estimated that globally, there will be more than 20 billion IoT connected devices by 2025, with less than 50% of them protected.

Although security remains the main concern and blocker in expanding IoT, until B2Space there was no solution able to address the challenges of extending security to low complexity endpoints because of their highly constrained environment and low price requirements.

Our licensable software is a simple, lightweight, secure, cost-effective technology that addresses all security weaknesses associated with wireless IoT devices and Machine to Machine (M2M) devices.

Key takeaways:

  • Low complexity and legacy impact
  • Small encryption footprint
  • Low battery drain
  • Low cost
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Proven strong encryption
  • Reliable and highly scalable


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