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B2SPACE was founded in 2016. Our purpose is to provide a reliable, flexible and low cost access to Low Earth Orbit for small and micro satellites, democratize space access and facilitate the development of new technologies and uses of space; today, there are no companies that customize the small satellite market launching needs.

Over time, new projects have emerged from this need and we are using our stratospheric operations knowledge to develop a new platform to perform Near Space missions & HAPS, among others.

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"I think the human race has no future if it does not go into Space" Stephen Hawking


Launch of small and micro satellites

Near Space operations

International university programme


B2Space provide clients with high quality, technical expertise within the emerging commercial space industry.

Consulting services

Cybersecurity services


Meet our team, a perfect combination of skills and experiences

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Invest in B2Space is invest in future, invest in which other companies can improve their services at a lower cost.

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Welsh Goverment


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  • Merlin House 1, Langstone Business Park
  • NP18 2HJ, Langstone
  • PNewport (UK)
  • (+44) 1633 415 345
  • b2space@b2-space.com