Reliable, flexible and low-cost access to Low Earth Orbit for small and micro satellites.

Satellites launch

B2Space is the next revolution in the launch industry for small and micro-satellites, an exponentially growing market.

Our satellite launch solution is based on a disruptive concept:  the “rockoon” one (rocket + balloon), a stratospheric balloon platform lifts the rocket to 35 km of altitude, above 99.9% of the atmosphere, from which the launcher is deployed.

B2Space will be capable to dedicate individual launches to small satellites or provide launching capacity for a group of nano or cube satellites, satisfying the main needs of all this market focus. All this making use of innovative technologies to drive further efficiency and cost reduction: Generative Design, Additive Layer Manufacturing, Autonomous Systems and Advanced Materials.

Our advantages

Payloads up to 200kg

Low launch cost

Flexible Schedule selection

No design constraints for satellites

Flexible launch location (including sea launch)

A customised launching service

Reduction on propellant consumption (70% less)

Orbit selection (within LEO)

A solution for each

technical challenge