SMART Cymru supports B2Space Ltd to undertake Proof of Concept for a High Altitude Small Satellite Launcher

B2Space Ltd is facilitating low-cost access to space and creating foundations for the emerging industry of small and micro-satellites.

UK Spaceports: Current Progress & Status

Several UK spaceports are currently pending approval. The majority of these spaceports are to be built in Scotland, which is the centre of the UK space industry. Let’s take a look at the applicants’ chances.

Near Space Test flight takes place at Spaceport Snowdonia

Balloon test launch by Wales-based B2Space take place – aiming to demonstrate the feasibility of Spaceport Snowdonia.

Near Space Test Flight At Spaceport Snowdonia

Balloon test launch by Wales-based B2Space – aiming to demonstrate the feasibility of Spaceport Snowdonia

Shetland Space Centre plans get £2m investment boost

Plans to launch a space centre in Shetland have received a £2m investment boost, it has been revealed.


36 profesionales con el astronauta Jean-Francois Clervoy

36 profesionales han asistido a una jornada de networking con el astronauta Jean-Francois Clervoy

Space balloons will end the hitchhiker ride through the galaxy for testing new technologies in space

When Felix Baumgartner leapt into a supersonic freefall 24 miles high 

Balloon Test Launch Could Kickstart the Shetland Commercial Space Era

A balloon system capable of launching small satellites into orbit will be launched from Shetland

Balloon launch a ‘giant leap for Unst’

B2Space launched the balloon on Sunday at Baltasound Airport as a crowd looked on

Ocean Kinetics Assist with Shetland Space Centre test launch

The test launch of a space research balloon from Unst in Shetland has been hailed as a major success

Balloon test launch will mark beginning of isles space era

The UK’s first commercial spaceflight-related activity will take place in Shetland

Funding to boost space centre’s rocket project

A project to evaluate the suitability of Shetland’s island as a location to launch rockets using air balloons

Balloon 'taxi service' to take satellites to space

A satellite delivery «taxi service» using a giant helium balloon is being developed by a start-up


First Balloon Test To See Viability Of Satellite Launches In Wales

The first balloon launch test has taken place at SAC in the Snowdonia Enterprise Zone

British launch startups optimistic about continued government support

Despite missing out in a U.K. government competition

Shetland Space Centre to collaborate with B2Space

Shetland Space Centre has joined forces with B2Space

Shetland space station plans take step forward

An ambitious bid to transform Unst in Shetland into a space station has taken another major step forward

Letter of Intent between GAUSS and B2Space

During our recent participation at FIA18, GAUSS representatives have met with B2Space

The Microlaunch Space Race Has Begun

The ELaNa IV launch, containing 11 Cubesat missions, on November 19 , 2013


Snowdonia satellite launch pad bid underway

The £10m project would create more than 90 jobs as North Wales space race gathers pace

Satellite firm eyes space from Llanbedr in creating 100 jobs

Satellites could soon be launched into space from Snowdonia

B2SPACE - High Altitude Launch System for Smallsats

Founded in 2016 in Bristol, UK, B2Space intends to provide …

Plans for Snowdonia to become the UK's Cape Canaveral for satellites

As many as 3,000 micro satellites are predicted to require a launch 

B2Space, otra empresa que quiere lanzar cohetes desde un globo

Actualmente estamos en medio de un auténtico boom de empresas 

The tech we need to build a colony on Titan

Humans could fly on Saturn’s largest moon – it’s getting there that’s the problem


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