Near Space

A “flying lab” based on stratospheric balloons to test Space technologies

Speed up development cycles and reduce cost.

Near Space Testing enables the cost-effective conduct of tests, qualification, and validation of technology, an aspect highly sought after by universities, research institutions, small satellite manufacturers, and R&D projects. Additionally, it provides equipment and expertise in the High Altitude Operations for emerging space tourism operators.

The stratosphere presents extreme conditions very similar to in orbit ones:

Near vacuum conditions

Big temperature gradients

High radiation levels

Capabilities and benefits

Availability to launch from multiple locations worldwide, all year round.

Payload standard interfaces, possibility to mount different sensors in each mission.

Possibility to perform ride-share flights with other payloads thanks to modular structure, providing cost-savings.

Support preparing bespoke missions.

Real time telemetry and images available on demand.

Flight duration

2 - 48 h

Cruise altitudes

14 - 37 km


<3500 Kg